Boulevard Park Thriftway

You may already know Boulevard Park Thriftway as one of Seattle’s oldest independent grocery stores. You may not know that they’re committed to recycling textiles as well as providing customers with high quality groceries. USAgain is proud to be partners with Boulevard Park Thriftway to continue diverting textile waste from landfills in Seattle.

Boulevard Park Thriftway was founded in 1926 by Howard Mansfield. The store has moved a few times since then, but it remains a family business – it is currently owned and operated by Mansfield’s grandson and his wife. The store is a true neighborhood market and prides itself on providing customers with unique and local foods.

Boulevard Park’s meat department has won awards and the deli has convenient on-the-go options. The store’s floral department is there for special occasions and a nearby espresso stand. Above all, however, Boulevard Park is most proud of its excellent customer service.

USAgain operates over 700 collection bins in Washington. Every article of clothing deposited in the Boulevard Park bin adds to the total of recycled textiles – USAgain’s Washington District collected nearly 4.5 million pounds in 2012 alone. Bring any old clothes you’ve got next time you shop at Boulevard Park and drop them in the green and white bin. Giving clothing a second life is as easy as that.


Boulevard Park Thriftway
12000 Des Moines Memorial Drive
Seattle, WA 98168
(206) 246-5697

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