Chevron Food Mart

USAgain is pleased to be partners with Chevron Food Mart, located at 1101 S Sprague in Tacoma. Site sponsors like Chevron Food Mart allow USAgain to connect with local communities and increase the amount of recycled textiles in Washington.

Chevron Food Mart is much more than a gas station, but it’s worth pointing out that its gasoline prices are fair and competitive. Inside the food mart you’ll find a wide selection of snacks, beverages and convenience items. Lotto tickets and gifts are also for sale, as well as hot coffee and great-tasting microwavable food items. Tobacco products and air are available, too.

Chevron Food Mart is dedicated to great customer service, which is easy to see when browsing the store. What may not be as obvious is its dedication to serving the community via textile recycling. The green and white USAgain bin outside the mart allows patrons to quickly deposit unwanted clothing and go on about their day.

Next time you stop by to fill your tank or grab a coffee, bring a bag or two of unwanted clothing to recycle in bin. You’ll be doing the environment a favor and supporting a green business.


Chevron Food Mart
1101 S Sprague
Tacoma, WA 98405

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