Fredrickson Fuel Mart

Count the Fredrickson Fuel Mart among businesses in Washington that are determined to positively impact the environment. By partnering with USAgain, Fredrickson Mart is providing Puyallup residents with a convenient option to recycle unwanted textiles.

Fredrickson Mart offers a wide selection of convenience products, like magazines, soft drinks, juices, snacks, auto products and more. The Mart’s selection of on-the-go hot deli foods is greater than you’d find at most gas stations, and the Green Bean Espresso Stand serves up all your favorite coffee drinks. The Cheap Smoke Shop is connected to the Mart – in there you’ll find competitively priced tobacco products.

USAgain and Fredrickson Mart recognize the importance of making textile recycling convenient, so placing a collection bin at the Mart is a natural step toward reducing textile waste in Washington.

The EPA estimates over 11 million tons of perfectly recyclable or reusable textiles are thrown away every year, and this leads to harmful waste entering the environment via incinerators and landfills. Every t-shirt or pair of jeans diverted from the waste stream is a small victory, and partnering with Fredrickson Mart will bring the goal over zero textile waste one step closer to reality.

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Fredrickson Fuel Mart
17519 Canyon Road
Puyallup, WA 98375

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