Sorella’s Espresso

USAgain is proud to partner with Sorella’s Espresso. Sorella’s is the oldest Espresso House in Auburn…and serves the best cup of coffee in town, which is clearly stated on their roof.

Sorella’s supports many local initiatives such as USAgain and the Auburn Food Bank, another company USAgain has partnered with.

“We appreciate you supporting a locally owned business. Sorella’s is a proud supporter of the Auburn Food Bank, and 100% of Sorella’s revenue share from the USAgain clothing bin are donated.”

Working with Sorella’s has been a pleasure.  We thank them for their efforts to help support USAgain, textile recycling, and their commitment to our planet and sustainable practices.

Be sure to stop by Sorella’s for a taste of the best coffee in town.

Sorella’s Espresso
333 15th St NE
Auburn, WA 98002

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