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Paradise Bowl

Paradise Bowl in Tacoma has been a valued partner of USAgain since May of 2011. Since then, they’ve helped us collect over two tons of clothing annually, an important step toward reducing textile waste in Tacoma. They’re also one of the best bowling centers in the area.

Paradise Bowl sports a newly remodeled cafe and lane-side service for hungry bowlers, as well as synthetic lane surfacing and Qubica scoring. It’s a great destination for everyone from highly competitive league bowlers to families looking for an afternoon of fun or a location for a birthday party. Learn more at

Paradise Bowl

Cost Cutter

USAgain has partnered with Cost Cutter grocery store in Blaine, WA to collect clothing for reuse and recycling. Cost Cutter is determined to be a sustainable grocery retailer, and their addition of a USAgain clothes and shoes recycling bin emphasizes their dedication toward greater sustainability.

Cost Cutter’s foundation is built on the belief that success is only achieved as a complementary balance between social, environmental and economic needs. Cost Cutter is a charitable business as well—the proceeds generated by their clothing collections are given to Blaine Food Bank. We at USAgain look forward to future recycling with Cost Cutter.

Cost_Cutter_2 Cost_Cutter

Cost Cutter
100 1733 H Street
Blaine, WA 98230

Lake Tapps Gymnastics

USAgain has partnered with Lake Tapps Gymnastics in Bonney Lake, WA to recycle shoes via the green and white indoor recycling bin. Lake Tapps has been a go-to place for youth gymnasts for some time now, and by partnering with USAgain, they’ll become a convenient stop for shoe recycling as well.

Lake Tapps Gymnastics offers gymnastics classes beginning at age one and up to age 12. Their selection of classes caters to gymnasts of ability levels, from beginners to the highly competitive.

We’re proud to join forces with a community establishment like Lake Bonney Gymnastics, and salute their commitment toward making Bonney Lake a little bit more sustainable.

Lake_Tapps_Gym_2 Lake_Tapps_Gym

Featured Site Sponsor
Auburn Gymnastics

We’re thrilled to have Auburn Gymnastics as a sponsor for our new shoe recycling program. By preventing shoes from entering the waste stream, Auburn Gymnastics is doing the community a service as it works toward greater sustainability.

Auburn Gymnastics isn’t just a leader in local recycling—they’re also home to some of the area’s most successful youth gymnasts. Baely Rowe, Shilese Jones and Alexandra Kennedy all have won National Titles in their respective age groups, a major accomplishment for the athletes and the gym. Auburn Gymnastics looks forward to a promising future of recycling and success in competition!




Madison Park Shell

Madison Park Shell in Seattle is one of USAgain’s valued site sponsors. USAgain’s goal as a textile recycling company is to get people to recycle by making it convenient, and this would not be possible without partnership with businesses like Madison Park Shell.

Madison Park Shell is a convenient place to stop for a wide selection of items. The store carries newspapers, magazines, coffee, soft drinks, snacks, and some grocery items. Connected to the store is Blue Sky Cleaners, a dry cleaning service. Madison Park Shell also handles U-Haul truck rentals.

Madison Park Shell is a great place to stop for your convenience needs. When you shop there, you aren’t just supporting a business that is dedicated to customer service – you’re supporting a business that cares about the environment.

If Madison Park Shell is somewhere you occasionally stop, bring your extra clothing and shoes on your next trip to buy gas or your morning coffee. You’ll be supporting a green business and doing the Earth a favor by diverting waste from landfills!


Madison Park Shell
3100 E Madison Street
Seattle, WA 98112


ARCO AM/PM, a gas station and convenience store located at 8347 S Pacific Way in Tacoma, is another business in Washington which USAgain is proud to be partnered with. Local sponsors like ARCO AM/PM are instrumental in diverting textile wastes from landfills and giving unwanted clothing a new beginning.

ARCO AM/PM has an impressive selection of snacks, hot foods, beverages and convenience items for around the house. The store also carries propane and ice, as well as air for your tires and vacuums for vehicle cleaning.

The great selection of food and conveniece items isn’t what sets ARCO AM/PM apart from the competition; it’s their excellent customer service and commitment to serving the Tacoma community. This is why ARCO AM/PM is such a valuable partner to USAgain. Hundreds of people stop by the store on a daily basis, which makes it a natural site for a USAgain collection bin.

Take a look around your home and bag up any clothes, shoes and fabrics you no longer need. Bring them to ARCO AM/PM in Tacoma and deposit them in the green and white USAgain bin – you’ll be doing the environment a favor and supporting an eco-friendly business!



8347 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98408

Chevron Food Mart

USAgain is pleased to be partners with Chevron Food Mart, located at 1101 S Sprague in Tacoma. Site sponsors like Chevron Food Mart allow USAgain to connect with local communities and increase the amount of recycled textiles in Washington.

Chevron Food Mart is much more than a gas station, but it’s worth pointing out that its gasoline prices are fair and competitive. Inside the food mart you’ll find a wide selection of snacks, beverages and convenience items. Lotto tickets and gifts are also for sale, as well as hot coffee and great-tasting microwavable food items. Tobacco products and air are available, too.

Chevron Food Mart is dedicated to great customer service, which is easy to see when browsing the store. What may not be as obvious is its dedication to serving the community via textile recycling. The green and white USAgain bin outside the mart allows patrons to quickly deposit unwanted clothing and go on about their day.

Next time you stop by to fill your tank or grab a coffee, bring a bag or two of unwanted clothing to recycle in bin. You’ll be doing the environment a favor and supporting a green business.


Chevron Food Mart
1101 S Sprague
Tacoma, WA 98405

Jeremy’s Main Street Market

USAgain’s site sponsors, like Jeremy’s Main Street Market, are critical in reducing textile waste in Washington and illustrating the importance of textile recycling to area residents. Jeremy’s has been instrumental in increasing recycling flow in USAgain’s Washington district.

Jeremy’s Main Street Market and Fruit Salad is a family run business that has proudly served Lewis County for over two decades. Jeremy’s specializes in providing farm fresh, tree-ripened fruit and vegetables throughout the summer months. Locally grown produce is also for sale at the market, as well as flowers and seasonal decorations throughout the year.

Jeremy’s is a great stop for local products of all kinds, including products for Local Flavors and The Woogie Bee Honey. The market will be adding local wines and beers in the near future.

Jeremy’s local commitment isn’t just in the area of food – the market is also determined to increase local textile recycling efforts. The green and white USAgain bin onsite is a convenient option for patrons to recycle all their unwanted clothing, shoes and other various textiles. Stopping by Jeremy’s is a great way to support a local farmers and do something positive for the environment.

Jeremys_Market_1 Jeremys_Market_2


Jeremy’s Main Street Market
576 W Main Street
Chehalis, WA 98532
(360) 748-4417


Fife Motel

The Fife Motel in Fife, Wa is another local business USAgain is proud to partner with. Local enterprises like Fife Motel allow USAgain to expand its textile recycling operations and connect with local communities in Washington.

The Fife Motel provides travelers with an inexpensive, clean and comfortable place to stay. Guests may book a stay of days, weeks or months, and will be glad to know the motel is in proximity to a wide variety of restaurants. Fife Motel offers free Wi-Fi for guests and cable with HBO. There’s no better place in the Fife area for a traveler looking for a comfortable bed in a quiet location.

Like many of our site sponsors, Fife Motel is devoted to reducing textile waste. The EPA estimates only about 15% of recyclable or reusable textiles are actually given a second life, but with the efforts Fife Motel and other local businesses, this number is on the rise. Fife Motel guests are encouraged to bring unwanted clothes to donate next time they stay at the motel or are simply passing by.

Fife_Motel_2 Fife_Motel_1


Fife Motel
4601 Pacific Highway E
Fife, WA 98424

Sedgwick Chevron

Sedgwick Chevron in East Port Orchard is a business USAgain is proud to be partnered with. The gas station helps USAgain collect surplus textiles to recycle and reduce landfill waste. Without the commitment of partners like Sedgwick Chevron, USAgain’s goal of zero textile waste would be unreachable.

Sedgwick Chevron offers customers a variety of service items, including ice, firewood, propane, vacuuming, lottery tickets and an ATM machine. The station also sells competitively priced gasoline and high-convenience food items like energy drinks, soft drinks, wine, beer and hot food. Sedgwick Chevron is a great stop for anyone passing through East Port Orchard who needs to fill the tank, grab a bite to eat and get on with his commute.

When you shop at Sedgwick Chevron, rest assured that you’re supporting a business that’s concerned with environmental sustainability. Gas stations like Chevron are high-traffic areas, making it a natural location for a USAgain collection bin. Next time you stop by, round up the old clothing, shoes and fabrics in your home and drop them in the bin – you’ll be giving them a second life and doing good for the planet.